This image is part of a series that I have been working on for a little while.  Where I live we can get some amazing clouds, probably because it is often very windy and being in the country, very little haze from pollution.

Robyn from Captivate Me included me in the B&W Challenge where you post 5 consecutive B&W images and nominate a person to take up the challenge with each post, so this is my Day 1 of 5.  In turn I am nominating Herman from Herman van Bon Photography.  As Robyn has said, this is NOT a have to participate challenge but something that might be fun, but only if you have the time and inclination 🙂

As always click in for a larger view. Processed using a red filter in SEP2.


Mirror, mirror on the dam…

Hello again everyone and hope that you are all well!! After an extended and unplanned absence from the blog I am finally posting my first image for 2015 🙂  Taken about 30 minutes after sunrise, the bubbles on the water surface are from a large flock of various water birds I disturbed (accidentally) as I came around the tree line.

dam mirror1
Click in for a more detailed view



A beautiful sky….

I took this image last Friday about 30 minutes after sunrise.  The sky was amazing as there was a weather front coming through which produced these wonderful cloud formations 🙂

As always click for a larger view. Taken in near infrared on a converted D90

House moves and triangular clouds….

I haven’t had the chance for either taking photos or posting due to moving house  and work being really busy- but we all know what that is like… a week in we are getting there (slowly!).  Today I needed to do some ‘soul soothing’ so went out to one of my favourites – Pyalong.  Probably a bit too tired for photos or processing but still good to have camera back in hand with a wonderful sky again.  Here is one from this morning…

DFF_2106-triangle clouds
Processed using a red filter, click for detailed view

Shadow and cloud…

…and another tree!

Nulla Vale shortly after sunrise a few weeks ago.  Today has been a horrible day (with night to come) here in Victoria – fires all around, watching the wind and warning app on the phone, radio is on and fingers crossed.  Thoughts to those impacted already.

shadow and cloud1


Last week there were thunderstorms at the end of most of the hot days.  This was taken early evening as a storm was building – the sunburst was amazing as you could almost reach out and touch it such was the texture of the light.

WordPress doing a weird thing and so to see the full image please click (won’t let me re-size!!)

Before the sun came….

Anyone who has watched the tennis will know that Melbourne and hence Victoria has endured a week long heat wave.  It has been truly disgusting weather, as I post this blog, am waiting for the cool change due in a few hours and hoping for no fires.  I think I have chosen these as the heat is so claustrophobic and these are cool and open spaces.  Metered for the sky and handheld, taken about 30 minutes before sunrise.

sunrise 16.1.14 south

When the wind blew (and then didn’t stop!)

A bit of an abstract post today, but I wanted to share the amazing clouds from Friday. The day started off very windy and then it steadily grew in strength.  By 4.30 pm when I took the image of the dam surface the wind was averaging 63 kph and gusting at over 90 kph – it got worse during the evening. Cloud 1 Cloud3a The dam 5b

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