Shadow and cloud…

…and another tree!

Nulla Vale shortly after sunrise a few weeks ago.  Today has been a horrible day (with night to come) here in Victoria – fires all around, watching the wind and warning app on the phone, radio is on and fingers crossed.  Thoughts to those impacted already.

shadow and cloud1

7 Responses to “Shadow and cloud…”

    • lisakimmorley

      Thank you. Is now morning and we are lucky as the fires nearby are under control. The fire fighters (which are volunteers) do an amazing job during our summers.

  1. Steve

    This pic is ‘rolling like the sea’. The angles and forms give an unresolved balance to my eyes. I can’t seem to trust scale or distance. Whoa unto the viewer. All is lost 😉

  2. krikitarts

    I hope the fires spare your area. I really like the photo you’ve presented, and agree that monochrome is perfect for this. I’m on my down to your general area (New Zealand) in a couple of days, and am looking forward to it!

  3. Adrian Lewis

    I like this very much indeed, Lisa – its the grasses in front and then the juxtaposition of the cloud and the tilted hillside – and its greatly strengthened by the fact this cloud and the horizon are at different angles. A


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