House moves and triangular clouds….

I haven’t had the chance for either taking photos or posting due to moving house  and work being really busy- but we all know what that is like… a week in we are getting there (slowly!).  Today I needed to do some ‘soul soothing’ so went out to one of my favourites – Pyalong.  Probably a bit too tired for photos or processing but still good to have camera back in hand with a wonderful sky again.  Here is one from this morning…

DFF_2106-triangle clouds

Processed using a red filter, click for detailed view

16 Responses to “House moves and triangular clouds….”

  1. infraredrobert

    I know exactly what the soul soothing is all about (and how necessary it is) – The filter gives a bit of an Infrared look to the shot – which I do like – plus the clouds are great. Glad you took the camera with you on your walk!

    • lisakimmorley

      Thank you. It hasn’t rained properly for months in this area so everything is bleached – it looks almost like another planet in some places with the huge boulders!

  2. Noeline Smith

    I can empathise absolutely with ‘soul soothing’ 🙂 With the scattered boulders, unusual sky and white grass this looks almost extra terrestrial – fascinating!


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