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Jewels at dawn.

It’s been a hot start to February here whilst some of you are freezing before the seasons start to turn!  One morning this week saw very heavy fog as the overnight temperature got really quite cool (6C) before another hot day.  At sunrise I was delighted to find many insects waiting for the warmth of the sun to get dry and moving – this tiny butterfly (wingspan of 2 cm) is called a common grass blue.  I hope you enjoy, click in for a larger image. 🙂


It’s been a LONG time!

A big hello to everyone 🙂  It’s been 7 months since I last posted anything on my blog and I can see things have changed a lot on WP – I’m still getting my head around it!  I hope everyone is well and I look forward to catching up with you all in time.

My first post for 2017 is of a juvenile rabbit enjoying the shelter of the shade on a very hot afternoon a few weeks ago. Click in for a larger view.



I took this image in December during our last summer.  It was an image I’d forgotten about as it was a busy time with work and Christmas. I’m endlessly fascinated by the wonderful world of spiders, their camouflage and habits.  Click in to see the details of this spider sitting in her summer flower –  watching and waiting 🙂


Click in twice for more detail.


Double take…

Hello again everyone 🙂  I hope everyone is well…Even though I have been absent from the blog, the images keep coming – I have enjoyed the film swap between Infrared Robert and Helen Briggs and it got me thinking about digital ‘in camera’ multiple exposures. The results for me so far have been unpredictable, ranging from the truly terrible to utterly mind boggling.  This is one that is getting closer to what I want – a double exposure of grass in the wind.  I like the odd colour (I have desaturated this quite a bit) and to me it expresses early summer 🙂

golden grass 2

As always, click for a larger view.



Through the haze…

Many of you will have seen on the news the big fires here in Victoria this week.  This one has come a bit too close for comfort and people have lost their homes, property and livestock, so thoughts to them.  They say the fires will continue for maybe up to another 6 weeks and we have to be vigilant with wind changes.  This shot, taken at the rear of Hanging Rock (see previous post), was winging it – handheld as no time to set up a tripod and the sun more or less already set, but it shows the heavy smoke layer around….

Hanging Rock facing west

Hanging Rock facing west

Wind swept…

In my experience the weather in this part of Australia (Victoria) can be sometimes incredible.  Often after a period of very hot days we get a ‘southerly change’.  This is in reality quite a shock – it can go from 40 C to 20 C (104 F to 68 F) in literally 30 minutes…the wind changes from a hot northerly to a cool southerly and the winds are often very strong.  This happened on Monday and flattened the long grass in this paddock.  The prevailing winds are north/south as you can see from the way this tree has grown, bent from south winds.

flattened grass

Taken just after sunrise (as normal!!)

Lines and light…

Something a bit different to my general posts – some architecture!  Taken at Werribee Park Mansion a week ago, this covered walkway was beautifully lit in the strong afternoon sun.  Built between 1874 and 1877, I could imagine these walkways providing relief from the Australian summer afternoons.

Click to see details (esp of right hand etched windows)

Before the sun came….

Anyone who has watched the tennis will know that Melbourne and hence Victoria has endured a week long heat wave.  It has been truly disgusting weather, as I post this blog, am waiting for the cool change due in a few hours and hoping for no fires.  I think I have chosen these as the heat is so claustrophobic and these are cool and open spaces.  Metered for the sky and handheld, taken about 30 minutes before sunrise.

sunrise 16.1.14 south


The sky was spectacular a couple of days ago just before the sunrise.  The wind was already picking up causing the ripples on the dam on what turned out to be another really hot day.


Seeds at sunrise

The last two days have been very hot – yesterday was 38 C and so early morning is a pleasant time when it is still relatively cool.  I took this at sunrise today – the grass seeds lit up by the first rays of the day.

grass seed sunrise

Click for more detail