Winter Jewels

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Winter is certainly here and this week has been the coldest so far, yesterday morning we had temperatures down to -4C after what had been a run of very cold and wet days.  I found a lot of semi frozen spider webs a little after sunrise, this image being of one of them – the water droplets are still frozen towards the middle of the web 🙂

16 thoughts on “Winter Jewels”

  1. Quite a beautiful and amazing sight. Like a piece of jewellery. I shudder to think how cold and early it was when you took this photo.

    Rained everyday for the past week here. You’re not alone.

  2. Awesome picture. Close up looks even more magical. Don’t envy anyone having to work out in the cold.

  3. What a beautiful sight to greet the day. I never thought of the water droplets freezing on a spider web. I wonder how the spider fared on such a cold morning. Hmmmm?

  4. Beautiful, almost surreal stuff, my friend – and once again I’m disconcerted by the thought of such temperatures in your part of the world. Here, in dear old Brittle, we’ve been having a cool, wet summer (which suits me oldman me fine!) but Europe is now being hit by record temperatures from the Sahara, and even us out here on the edge are in for a sweltering weekend – lots of cold beer!!! 😉 Take good care of yourself. A

    1. Thank you as always. Yes mum is keeping me updated on weather and I am also watching it with regards to the cricket (I still am an England fan!!). I hope the heatwave isn’t as bad as predicted for Europe, whilst we get the cold, as you know we also get that sort of heat which I loathe ❄️☃️

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