Mirror, mirror on the dam…

Hello again everyone and hope that you are all well!! After an extended and unplanned absence from the blog I am finally posting my first image for 2015 ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Taken about 30 minutes after sunrise, the bubbles on the water surface are from a large flock of various water birds I disturbed (accidentally) as I came around the tree line.

dam mirror1
Click in for a more detailed view



28 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the dam…”

  1. Great to have your beautiful photographs back to brighten up the days……This photo is glorious in all aspects….so colourful…..so perfect! Good to see you back with camera in hand!!!

  2. Beautiful! Welcome back, we’ve missed your ‘take on the world’, so refreshing and uncluttered.
    I bet the water-birds were surprised to see you clicking again.

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