Autumn sunrise with sparkles.

I hope everyone is well.  We’re now into late autumn, the last of the deciduous trees are in their wonderful colours, days are getting much shorter and the misty mornings are plentiful.  One day last week we had very heavy fog and I spied these little grasses which had gone to seed sparkling in the rising sun.  Enjoy 🙂

Click in for a bigger view.


When the wind blew (and then didn’t stop!)

A bit of an abstract post today, but I wanted to share the amazing clouds from Friday. The day started off very windy and then it steadily grew in strength.  By 4.30 pm when I took the image of the dam surface the wind was averaging 63 kph and gusting at over 90 kph – it got worse during the evening. Cloud 1 Cloud3a The dam 5b

And the clouds came rolling in….

Yesterday we went back to Nulla Vale, North Central Victoria.  It’s a landscape I really admire with the granite outcrops and sparse vegetation – a really stark landscape.  It was incredibly  windy and so felt bitterly cold, but the sky was amazing.  Challenging with clouds and shadows quickly changing. Taken from mid to late afternoon.

The sheep give a perspective on the boulders!

DSC_0083 DSC_0094b DSC_0084 DSC_3636

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