A Primrose Promise….

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As many of my posts show, I am particularly fond of dawn and early morning light, especially so in winter.  I love the softness and low angles of the sunlight, the cold crispness of air juxtaposed with a sense of warmth.  For me this image is the promise of a sunny winter day after a cold night…a Primrose in my garden yesterday morning 🙂

9 thoughts on “A Primrose Promise….”

  1. Yes, absolutely, dawn and early morning, these are the best times, the most pleasant and exhilarating times >>> you’re Somerset Levels material!!! 😉

    Very beautiful image – the softness and limited colour palette are glorious. And my tiny mind continues to be rocked by the thought that your part of the world is in winter. A 🙂

    1. Hello A, apologies for such a late reply 🤗 Thank you for you kind comment as always – I’m glad you like it – I seem to be in a soft focus mood as you’ll see in my following post. 🌸

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