Last week there were thunderstorms at the end of most of the hot days.  This was taken early evening as a storm was building – the sunburst was amazing as you could almost reach out and touch it such was the texture of the light.

WordPress doing a weird thing and so to see the full image please click (won’t let me re-size!!)

14 thoughts on “Sunburst…”

  1. Inspiringly extraordinary. I would love you to post the colour version as well for the comparison. The B/W certainly adds to the strength of the image. Fabulous just fabulous. Really redefines ‘Awesome’.

  2. Nature is far more artistic than we could ever be! As Festive Factory says, it would also be interesting to see the colour version.
    I don’t know how much you play about with Photoshop (or equivalent) but have you tried overlaying the mono and colour versions – sometimes it works really well …

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