Just Add Parsley….

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This week has been a wet and cold wintry week with everthing quiet in the veggie garden.Β  I was surprised to find that one of my parsely plants has just started to flower, a beautiful sight with their delicate umbels in the weak winter light πŸ˜€

10 thoughts on “Just Add Parsley….”

  1. Lovely shot, Lisa. My Tuscan Kale and Broccolini is finally starting to grow a bit. Methinks they need a few sunny spells, not just rain.

    As you say, cold, wet & wintery. The weather bureau (which I’ve book-marked for my suburb of Maribyrnong’s weather and check every morning when I log on to my computer) is so unreliable.

  2. Beautiful, my friend. Here the as ever uncertain summer seems to be firming itself up a bit >>> but I gather there’ll be rain again by Friday!!! A πŸ™‚

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