Wind swept…

In my experience the weather in this part of Australia (Victoria) can be sometimes incredible.  Often after a period of very hot days we get a ‘southerly change’.  This is in reality quite a shock – it can go from 40 C to 20 C (104 F to 68 F) in literally 30 minutes…the wind changes from a hot northerly to a cool southerly and the winds are often very strong.  This happened on Monday and flattened the long grass in this paddock.  The prevailing winds are north/south as you can see from the way this tree has grown, bent from south winds.

flattened grass
Taken just after sunrise (as normal!!)

When the wind blew (and then didn’t stop!)

A bit of an abstract post today, but I wanted to share the amazing clouds from Friday. The day started off very windy and then it steadily grew in strength.  By 4.30 pm when I took the image of the dam surface the wind was averaging 63 kph and gusting at over 90 kph – it got worse during the evening. Cloud 1 Cloud3a The dam 5b

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