This image is part of a series that I have been working on for a little while.  Where I live we can get some amazing clouds, probably because it is often very windy and being in the country, very little haze from pollution.

Robyn from Captivate Me included me in the B&W Challenge where you post 5 consecutive B&W images and nominate a person to take up the challenge with each post, so this is my Day 1 of 5.  In turn I am nominating Herman from Herman van Bon Photography.  As Robyn has said, this is NOT a have to participate challenge but something that might be fun, but only if you have the time and inclination 🙂

As always click in for a larger view. Processed using a red filter in SEP2.


35 thoughts on “Cloudscape….”

  1. Stunning photo Lisa….clouds are just so mystifying…..their ever-changing shapes can become totally mesmerising…!!

  2. Very striking image, Lisa, its very well done. In particular, I think that the two more solid bodies of cloud over towards the right add to it. I hope your autumn is going well. Bristol has been having icy weather but no snow as yet. Adrian

  3. Beautiful image Lisa.
    (and glad to hear it’s windy up your way too. Makes me feel I’m not alone in that never-ending quest for a windless flower photography day).

  4. I have enjoyed all five of this challenge but I must say that Cloudscape is simply outstanding, it has the real ‘wow; factor. Nice.

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