A New Day, A New Year.

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Hello and a belated Happy New Year – the start of the new decade.  The image I am sharing  today is of a Cornflower in the garden at sunrise yesterday.  The flowers are very late in flowering due to my tardiness in sowing the seeds and the odd growing season that we have had starting with a cold spring and now the blistering heat.  Whilst both the heat and wind have been horrid here, my thoughts go to those far less fortunate in Australia at the start of this dreadful fire season and to the crews, volunteers and others who are working tirelessly in the communities.  Stay safe and well 🙂


Stormy view

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Hello again 🙂  Last week we made a return visit to stay at Johanna Beach which is near Cape Otway, part of The Great Ocean Road trail. Being the middle of winter the weather was very stormy with some very rough seas, which being from Swansea in the UK, I love. The sense of being a small part of a wild landscape is very thrilling 😀

Just Add Parsley….

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This week has been a wet and cold wintry week with everthing quiet in the veggie garden.  I was surprised to find that one of my parsely plants has just started to flower, a beautiful sight with their delicate umbels in the weak winter light 😀

A Primrose Promise….

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As many of my posts show, I am particularly fond of dawn and early morning light, especially so in winter.  I love the softness and low angles of the sunlight, the cold crispness of air juxtaposed with a sense of warmth.  For me this image is the promise of a sunny winter day after a cold night…a Primrose in my garden yesterday morning 🙂

Winter Jewels

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Winter is certainly here and this week has been the coldest so far, yesterday morning we had temperatures down to -4C after what had been a run of very cold and wet days.  I found a lot of semi frozen spider webs a little after sunrise, this image being of one of them – the water droplets are still frozen towards the middle of the web 🙂

Among the Leaf Litter.

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Hello again 😀  Early winter is here and most of the leaves of the deciduous trees have dropped and begun the cycle of decay that will provide nourishment for next year.  Whilst walking last weekend I saw these yellow leaves lying among the decaying leaf litter making a striking contrast that caught my eye 🙂

Between the storms.

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Hello! I hope everyone has had a good week – it is cold and wet here, very wintry.  This image was taken late afternoon after a brief but intense thunder storm whilst we were staying at Johanna Beach near Cape Otway last month.  The storms that came later that night were incredibly dramatic with lightening that lasted hours.

Seaside Garland.

Hello to everyone!  As I have often remarked on this blog, I am constantly amazed by the patterns in nature.  I found this garland of different seaweeds on the foreshore which appears to have been shaped by the tide – there were no signs of disturbance in the sand, and I was so happy with my discovery 😀 😀 I love the beauty of the different shapes, textures and contrasting colours.

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