Mirror, mirror on the dam…

Hello again everyone and hope that you are all well!! After an extended and unplanned absence from the blog I am finally posting my first image for 2015 🙂  Taken about 30 minutes after sunrise, the bubbles on the water surface are from a large flock of various water birds I disturbed (accidentally) as I came around the tree line.

dam mirror1
Click in for a more detailed view




I appreciate this image won’t be everyone’s cup of tea!  This is a complex reflection of a cliff face with gums trees growing on it, taken a few weeks ago at Turpins Falls.  (The website image looks like it was taken at about the same time of day)  The reflection is on a very large pool which in turn is being distorted by ripples from the distant waterfall.  I found  the patterns literally mesmerising as the late afternoon sun sank lower and the reflections became more vivid 🙂

water abstract3
As always click for more detail – a busy image!

Autumn has arrived!

I welcome the coming of autumn – often cool nights and beautiful warm sunny days.  The coming of autumn also heralds one of my most busy time at work, there is a harvest to bring in (I’m a Vineyard Manager)! My postings will probably become a little sporadic over the coming weeks.  This shot was taken a couple of days ago with an autumnal mist and spectacular sunrise….

fog sunrise
As always, click for a larger view.

Reflections on a sunrise…

I seem to be doing a lot of sunrises, apologies….so here is another one!!  I hadn’t anticipated the temperature to fall as low last night (-2 C), so had a shock when everything was frozen this morning and with no wind.   The dam at work is rarely this still.  Handheld 😦

dam 1

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