Late spring seed heads…

Firstly apologies as I have been a little sporadic in the blog world of late – am playing catch up!

I saw this mixture of tiny little grass seed heads last weekend at Pyalong. The shape of some of the seeds reminded me of hops and almost looked like they were on little fishing lines – very delicate and pretty.  It was blowing a gale so not as sharp as I would want but the high afternoon light was beautiful 🙂

seed heads
As always click in for a larger view. These were about 3 cm tall 🙂

Rain on the plain…

Yesterday it was windy with heavy shower bands going through and I felt the urge to go to my ‘soothing ground’, about an hour north of where we live.  Pyalong again…it is much, much drier, but I had seen on the radar that there big, fast moving rain storms going through.  I captured this with the wind howling, in absolute spring sunshine watching the rain approach…now soothed 🙂 🙂

pyalong rain
As always, click for a larger view. Processed in b&w using a red filter.


Dead wood…

The last week and a half has been utterly miserable, low cloud, drizzle and bitterly cold (for us!).  Tonight there has been a severe weather warning issued – well I guess it is winter!  After choking up my hard drive (again!) I am sorting through old files, and found this one.  Taken last summer at Pyalong, the original taken with a polarising filter, has a really, really deep blue sky with the dead tree which is silver grey.

wood abstract


I’m now into the full swing of pruning – this is enjoyable and rewarding but physically hard work and days like today when you stand out in the winter rain all day, well…suffice to say I’m a bit tired 🙂  So a late post with an image looking through the bottom of a trestle bridge that is in a very sad state of repair – I spent half my time looking up to make sure nothing was going to fall on my head.  I will go back at a different time of day but here it is for now 🙂


Strange but familiar…

This weekend I’ve been back to Pyalong – the first time since the end of summer.  I always get a jolt at how green it becomes with the first winter rains (as opposed to the bleached, sparse landscape of summer).  Later in the week I will post a colour image, but for today a b&w conversion taken late afternoon with the low sun casting strong shadows onto what is always a beautifully surreal  landscape 🙂

pyalong 1
Click for a more detailed view. I like the poor up-ended tree up on the hill.



df - fallen
Processed with an orange filter. Click for more detail – herd of sheep under left most tree.

Last image from my recent visit to Pyalong.  I’ve enjoyed this series of posts – they are surreal but then so is the landscape.  I’m aware they may be becoming a bit ‘samey’ so something different next time….anyhow, this scene struck me as it was so desolate, dead trees both standing and fallen in a tinder box landscape….

House moves and triangular clouds….

I haven’t had the chance for either taking photos or posting due to moving house  and work being really busy- but we all know what that is like… a week in we are getting there (slowly!).  Today I needed to do some ‘soul soothing’ so went out to one of my favourites – Pyalong.  Probably a bit too tired for photos or processing but still good to have camera back in hand with a wonderful sky again.  Here is one from this morning…

DFF_2106-triangle clouds
Processed using a red filter, click for detailed view


Final couple of images from the Pyalong area for the time being. These images were taken with the sky a deep cobalt blue and a very unforgiving light….beautiful 🙂

hill & fence a
A hill of long dried grass
burnt trees1
The tops of the trees are actually burnt hence why they are so dark



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