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A brewing storm (MMC51)….

A brief hello again!  The week has been a very sultry and stormy one here, a dramatic end to our official summer.  This image was taken in near infrared late on Saturday afternoon as a storm was building – I love the way clouds render in near IR 🙂 🙂  It is also my submission for Monochrome Madness – week 51 (and a special week coming up next week) hosted by the ever hard working Leanne Cole and published tomorrow (AEDT).

storm clouds gathering

As always click in for more detail. Taken on a modified Nikon D90


Sitting on the fence… day 2 of 5.

I took this image in December – a cloudless day with golden grass (and very harsh light!).  I was struck by the simplicity of the scene, the curve of the background and just this tree..sitting on the fence 🙂

Robyn from Captivate Me included me in the B&W Challenge where you post 5 consecutive B&W images and nominate a person to take up the challenge with each post, so this is my Day 2 of 5.  In turn, today I am nominating Truel’s Blog.  I must stress, this is NOT a have to participate challenge but something that might be fun, but only if you have the time and/or inclination and feel comfortable with it 🙂

tree and fence

As always, click in for a larger view.



Mirror, mirror on the dam…

Hello again everyone and hope that you are all well!! After an extended and unplanned absence from the blog I am finally posting my first image for 2015 🙂  Taken about 30 minutes after sunrise, the bubbles on the water surface are from a large flock of various water birds I disturbed (accidentally) as I came around the tree line.

dam mirror1

Click in for a more detailed view



Double take…

Hello again everyone 🙂  I hope everyone is well…Even though I have been absent from the blog, the images keep coming – I have enjoyed the film swap between Infrared Robert and Helen Briggs and it got me thinking about digital ‘in camera’ multiple exposures. The results for me so far have been unpredictable, ranging from the truly terrible to utterly mind boggling.  This is one that is getting closer to what I want – a double exposure of grass in the wind.  I like the odd colour (I have desaturated this quite a bit) and to me it expresses early summer 🙂

golden grass 2

As always, click for a larger view.



Hare’s looking at you…!

It hasn’t been a good few weeks for taking any new images (but I’m NOT going to go on about the weather 😯 ).  This is my image for this weeks Monochrome Madness Challenge which is curated by Leanne Cole.  I posted this image in colour last December, but always thought it might work in mono…so here is this beautiful hare – all eyes and ears but now in black and white 🙂

Hare B&W

As always, click for a more detailed image



df - fallen

Processed with an orange filter. Click for more detail – herd of sheep under left most tree.

Last image from my recent visit to Pyalong.  I’ve enjoyed this series of posts – they are surreal but then so is the landscape.  I’m aware they may be becoming a bit ‘samey’ so something different next time….anyhow, this scene struck me as it was so desolate, dead trees both standing and fallen in a tinder box landscape….

The Laughing Kooka…

This was a funny bird (and it’s mate) that followed us around a reservoir the other week.  The Kookaburra is part of the Kingfisher family with it’s name coming from the Wiradjuri language.  They have an amazing call – on my first visit here, many years ago,  it reminded me of monkeys even though I knew there were no monkeys in Australia, but it was 5 am in a new country – hey?!!   

Now it makes me think of rain coming 🙂


It had been diving – it’s feathers and feet are wet

Cirrus(ly) surreal…

The cirrus clouds today were amazing, and yes, quite surreal –  the scale was huge!  I’m not sure this works due to the smoke haze still on the mountain horizon but the sky screamed out black and white so here it is….

cirrus 1a

Processed using a yellow filter

Through the haze…

Many of you will have seen on the news the big fires here in Victoria this week.  This one has come a bit too close for comfort and people have lost their homes, property and livestock, so thoughts to them.  They say the fires will continue for maybe up to another 6 weeks and we have to be vigilant with wind changes.  This shot, taken at the rear of Hanging Rock (see previous post), was winging it – handheld as no time to set up a tripod and the sun more or less already set, but it shows the heavy smoke layer around….

Hanging Rock facing west

Hanging Rock facing west

Shadow and cloud…

…and another tree!

Nulla Vale shortly after sunrise a few weeks ago.  Today has been a horrible day (with night to come) here in Victoria – fires all around, watching the wind and warning app on the phone, radio is on and fingers crossed.  Thoughts to those impacted already.

shadow and cloud1