Hello again everyone πŸ™‚ Β I hope everyone is well…Even though I have been absent from the blog, the images keep coming – I have enjoyed the film swap between Infrared Robert and Helen Briggs and it got me thinking about digital ‘in camera’ multiple exposures. The results for me so far have been unpredictable, ranging from the truly terrible to utterly mind boggling. Β This is one that is getting closer to what I want – a double exposure of grass in the wind. Β I like the odd colour (I have desaturated this quite a bit) and to me it expresses early summer πŸ™‚

golden grass 2
As always, click for a larger view.



20 Replies to “Double take…”

  1. There is a pleasing softness to this that gives me the feeling of being there at the start of summer with a sense that I can almost feel a cool breeze blowing across the field. Great experiment too!

  2. Hello Lisa πŸ˜ƒ
    I love this idea of trying multiple exposures, in camera and had to laugh at your description of your results. All fun really. This one works so well. I like the softness of the image and the colours.
    Will be watching and enjoying with interest.
    I too enjoyed Robert and Helen’s film swap very much.

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