A brewing storm (MMC51)….

A brief hello again!  The week has been a very sultry and stormy one here, a dramatic end to our official summer.  This image was taken in near infrared late on Saturday afternoon as a storm was building – I love the way clouds render in near IR 🙂 🙂  It is also my submission for Monochrome Madness – week 51 (and a special week coming up next week) hosted by the ever hard working Leanne Cole and published tomorrow (AEDT).

storm clouds gathering
As always click in for more detail. Taken on a modified Nikon D90


Storm clouds gathering…

Yesterday was a precursor for the stormy weather that came last night and today.  I watched this sky literally churning before me yesterday late morning – it was very dramatic, if not a little unsettling.  Processed using a red filter and blue toning, once again to bring out the texture of the clouds.

storm clouds

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