A golden moment….

Another quick hello!  Having not had much opportunity to take images of late, I saw this in our garden a few weeks ago just as the last rays of the sun for the day were hitting this little flower (unusual for me, I threw the label away last year when I planted it – doh!).  A wonderful moment with the background in deep shadow and the low angled light picking up detail of the pollen grains and petal texture 🙂

As always, click in for more detail.


12 thoughts on “A golden moment….”

  1. Forget the studio when nature provides for all needs. Dramatic, lovely, theatrical…like being clouted over the eyes with a feather (er..thats a good thing!)…sorry….your photos inspires a gushing admiration. Thanks for this beautiful work.

  2. the light and color are perfect. I so understand not being able to have much time to shoot. Glad you found some time. What a great result!

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