This was a funny bird (and it’s mate) that followed us around a reservoir the other week.  The Kookaburra is part of the Kingfisher family with it’s name coming from the Wiradjuri language.  They have an amazing call – on my first visit here, many years ago,  it reminded me of monkeys even though I knew there were no monkeys in Australia, but it was 5 am in a new country – hey?!!   

Now it makes me think of rain coming 🙂

It had been diving – it’s feathers and feet are wet

7 Replies to “The Laughing Kooka…”

  1. The reason you think the kookaburra call sounds like monkeys is because the sound was dubbed on to old black and white jungle films (Tarzan and the like). So you’re not going crazy! I miss the sound of kookaburras from when I lived in Australia, and was very surprised to hear one in the south of England last year. Thought I was going mad until I actually saw them in their aviary.

    Fab photos by the way – loving the monochrome abstracts.

    1. Lol – that’s so funny! It certainly might explain it. We moved a few months ago and now have a resident family in the trees just behind our back door – they are so loud and very beautiful. Thanks for taking time to comment 🙂

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