I took this image in December during our last summer.  It was an image I’d forgotten about as it was a busy time with work and Christmas. I’m endlessly fascinated by the wonderful world of spiders, their camouflage and habits.  Click in to see the details of this spider sitting in her summer flower –  watching and waiting 🙂


Click in twice for more detail.


18 Responses to “Watching…”

  1. Noeline Smith

    Fantastic detail …. and interesting colours; most spiders around here tend to be more or less the same colour … and not psychedelic green!

  2. Adrian Lewis

    Beautiful picture, Lisa >>> if you’re interested un spiders, I recommend Gary Bolstad’s blog – he has wonderful pictures. Can’t recall his blog’s name off the top of my head, but ask me again and I’ll find it. A

  3. smilingtoad

    Awesome!!! What a stupendous capture, and what a charismatic-looking creature. Beautiful!! Smiling cheers,

    Smiling Toad


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