Hanging Rock.

Some people may know this site from the book Picnic At Hanging Rock written by Joan Lindsay which was later made into a film directed by Peter Weir in 1975.  It is a place full of atmosphere in the Macedon Ranges in Central Victoria and was created about 6 million years ago as a result of magma setting at a vent of the volcano.  It is located in the Aboriginal Wurundjeri territory and was used as a site for male initiation until the indigenous people were forced out by colonial settlers in 1844.  The last initiation ceremony took place around 1851 (Wikipedia). I am lucky enough to pass the site on my way to and from work and sometimes due to the local weather patterns, it can look highly dramatic in some lights.  I have been waiting for the ‘right’ moment – this isn’t quite it, so be warned there will be more!!

Hanging Rock
Click for better view

2 thoughts on “Hanging Rock.”

  1. I live not far from Stonehenge so have quite a library of Stonehenge photographs – I look forward to seeing more of Hanging Rock!
    For some reason I always thought the film was shot at Ayres Rock ….. the ignorance of youth and not paying attention to a title 🙂

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