Jewels at dawn.

It’s been a hot start to February here whilst some of you are freezing before the seasons start to turn!  One morning this week saw very heavy fog as the overnight temperature got really quite cool (6C) before another hot day.  At sunrise I was delighted to find many insects waiting for the warmth of the sun to get dry and moving – this tiny butterfly (wingspan of 2 cm) is called a common grass blue.  I hope you enjoy, click in for a larger image. 🙂


22 thoughts on “Jewels at dawn.”

  1. I’ve never seen the Common Grass Blue before – thanks for sharing.

    Too hot for me, that’s for sure, Lisa. Starting raining about half an hour ago, so I’m pleased.

    1. Hello! Yes we do seem to get a bit I think partly because of the dramatic temperature swings in summer and living in a heavily wooded area, but then I like photographing it too so it might seem we get more than we do!!!

    1. Hello Julie, thank you so much. How is your season going? Ours will be later than in the last few years and we’ve had everything thrown at us this year – frosts, heat and disease!

  2. A fine portrait in the foggy dew! I’m being a neighbor for a while and enjoying having the opportunity to step out of our winter into your summer. If that’s not magic, it’s close enough for me!

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