It’s been a LONG time!

A big hello to everyone 🙂  It’s been 7 months since I last posted anything on my blog and I can see things have changed a lot on WP – I’m still getting my head around it!  I hope everyone is well and I look forward to catching up with you all in time.

My first post for 2017 is of a juvenile rabbit enjoying the shelter of the shade on a very hot afternoon a few weeks ago. Click in for a larger view.


Hip hip hareray!!

As some of you will know I have tried many attempts to photograph the hares I see at work – I find them beautiful but very elusive creatures and have probably hundreds of images of them running away!  Yesterday I was a little luckier!….

hare hare side hare a

Here hare here….

Apologies, I couldn’t resist the title which is a line from one of my favourite films Withnail and I! Hares, in my experience, are difficult creatures to capture in an image – so fast that I generally see their tails flash before me, and then gone.  These were a pair that I captured moving on my belly to get a little closer after work last week.  One day… 🙂

running hare
Click for more detail..

DSC_0280 crop2 dripper wires

Eye to eye…..

As a ‘friend’ of Melbourne Zoo I have the luxury of visiting as many times I want in a year.  Yesterday I visited the big cats and primates.

snow leopard
snow leopard
Gorilla 1
Ape 1
What a mane!
Tiger burning bright
Tiger tiger burning bright!

Werribee Open Plains – Part 1

A very hot day and a trip to a different zoo (yes, there does seem to be a bit of a theme here!!). One of the three that make up Zoos Victoria (the others being Melbourne and Healesville Sanctuary), this one has a predominantly African theme.  Again, as with all of these zoos, emphasis is placed on raising awareness and fighting extinction.

Hot day..
BIG paw!
Snack on the go

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