Rain on the plain…

Yesterday it was windy with heavy shower bands going through and I felt the urge to go to my ‘soothing ground’, about an hour north of where we live.  Pyalong again…it is much, much drier, but I had seen on the radar that there big, fast moving rain storms going through.  I captured this with the wind howling, in absolute spring sunshine watching the rain approach…now soothed 🙂 🙂

pyalong rain
As always, click for a larger view. Processed in b&w using a red filter.


17 thoughts on “Rain on the plain…”

  1. I love that you have that soothing place to go to 😀 and it works!
    This is a beauty Lisa and the red filter on that sky is wonderful.
    I so enjoy the vastness you find here. Beautiful.

  2. Great capture…I feel the wind and see movement in the clouds….I love seeing the rain starting to fall in the distance…as hard to grab in the lens as the breath of a butterfly I sometimes feel…Now I also feel soothed….Thankyou!

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