I’m now into the full swing of pruning – this is enjoyable and rewarding but physically hard work and days like today when you stand out in the winter rain all day, well…suffice to say I’m a bit tired 🙂  So a late post with an image looking through the bottom of a trestle bridge that is in a very sad state of repair – I spent half my time looking up to make sure nothing was going to fall on my head.  I will go back at a different time of day but here it is for now 🙂


27 Replies to “Squares…”

  1. Perfectly set up – not an easy task with all the horizontals and verticals going on here – Good texture and tone (worthy of a Monochrome Madness Challenge post) – Having pruned grapes in my youth – I really feel for you right now 🙂

  2. No smoke and mirrors here!! Great real life. So much more impressive when theres no tricks involved (mirrors)…Monochrome so supports the content. Great choice…as usual!!!

  3. Working out in the rain all day – haha, not my cup of meat, as Manfred Mann would put it! >>> even if the end product is the Electric Soup! Do any of your wines get to the UK?

    If it were me, rather than repeating this shot or others using HDR, which I have profound reservations about, I’d hit it with SEP2 and, as a first thing, increase the contrast.

    Using a dark vignette might concentrate the eye on the central “tunnel” – I’d probably have those two massive uprights, which are the closest things to the camera and probably the most striking things in the shot, as the shot’s left and right margins, because the detail outside of them draws my attention away outwards – when it should be drawn ever inwards. Hope this is useful. Adrian

    1. Hello Adrian, hope you are well. Unfortunately we don’t export to the UK at the mo, mainly Japan. Thanks for the suggestions – I will have another ‘play’ with it 🙂

  4. Great shot. Rich in texture and the eye is drawn down that long tunnel. Actually I like the additions either side of those massive foreground uprights. I think the composition is strong enough not be distracted by those additions. Just an alternative opinion to Adrian’s…

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