Strange but familiar…

This weekend I’ve been back to Pyalong – the first time since the end of summer.  I always get a jolt at how green it becomes with the first winter rains (as opposed to the bleached, sparse landscape of summer).  Later in the week I will post a colour image, but for today a b&w conversion taken late afternoon with the low sun casting strong shadows onto what is always a beautifully surreal  landscape 🙂

pyalong 1
Click for a more detailed view. I like the poor up-ended tree up on the hill.


11 thoughts on “Strange but familiar…”

    1. I’m glad you liked the composition. There was another really interesting hill just to the right with amazing wind blown trees on the crest and I tried every which way to get them in the same frame – I’m saving for a wider lens 🙂

      1. That’s me – the wide view – which is why sometimes I’m challenged to zoom in close for a tight shot. In my 35mm days my “standard” lens was my 28mm.

  1. An excellent study in B&W, Lisa. The skeleton of that tree is well worth a long look and the surrounding area is full of interest.. I’m looking forward to seeing the colour image, but I find it hard to think that it will compete with this. This is an example of where B&W really simplifies and purifies the scene.

    1. Thanks Andy. This is an area I visit often – I call it my ‘soul soother’, it is desolate and beautiful and for me, more shocking when it is actually green 🙂

  2. the lonely tree.

    it has a feeling of an old man sitting on his porch, looking out across the land he once worked, sad and alone. great emotion captured

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