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I’m now into the full swing of pruning – this is enjoyable and rewarding but physically hard work and days like today when you stand out in the winter rain all day, well…suffice to say I’m a bit tired 🙂  So a late post with an image looking through the bottom of a trestle bridge that is in a very sad state of repair – I spent half my time looking up to make sure nothing was going to fall on my head.  I will go back at a different time of day but here it is for now 🙂


Rainbow stripes.

This was taken last month, late,  on a very dull overcast afternoon at the  Lauriston Reservoir in Kyneton. This is the wall of the spillway, at the top there are sluice gates that open and so that in the residual run off, several different types of algae (or maybe a different age?) have grown producing these rainbow stripes.


Emu Flat School…

I found this old building on my way back from Nulla Vale on Sunday.  After a bit of Google search, I discovered that it was a school originally built in 1875 by George Wines on 5 acres. It was moved to this location by a team of 22 horses in 1902, becoming full time in 1911 until it closed in 1943.  It is sad, but this is a heritage listed building that I somehow don’t think will survive much longer.


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house ruin 2

The rear of the school