Monochrome Madness – Week 34

Yet another week has rolled around and so tomorrow morning (AEST) sees week 34 of Monochrome Madness on Leanne Cole’s blog.  If you are interested in monochrome images then do visit the post with global submissions from some very talented artists. This is my submission – ‘A Hint of an Orchid’.  I’ve been experimenting with very shallow depth of field using the 105 mm macro and am starting to get the type of images I want 🙂

orchid b
As always, click in for more detail…An orchid growing in a pot at home.


Fractals in a Flower….

I haven’t had any time to go out and about with the camera of late and so another macro – this time of a Protea flower and also my entry for the 25th Monochrome Madness Challenge which is diligently curated by Leanne Cole.  Do check out the post (published Wednesday mornings AEST).  As always I was drawn to the pattern in this beautiful bloom with it’s incredible ‘fluffy’ texture and nature doing what she does best 🙂

Click in for a detailed view.


Seashell – Monochrome Madness

So we enter yet another dismal week of weather 😦  This is my entry for this weeks Monochrome Madness Challenge hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky….a great challenge where you get to see a heap of brilliant work in monochrome by a wide range of artists, do check it out.

I’m not entirely happy with my image, I’m rusty with my macro lens, especially putting it on a full frame camera again, but has been good to get it out and actually use it 🙂  Taken using natural light – please click on the image for more detail.

seashell macro 1

Raindrop abstract…

Well, harvest is over and I’m nearly back!  I hadn’t realised with the house move and harvest on it’s tail just how exhausted I became.  Anyhow, what I have realised, is that when I don’t get to go out and take images, there is something missing 🙂  So, today is a total abstract, taken this morning in between showers.  The top of a capped fence with rain drops refracting light into a shaded area taken with the macro… 🙂

raindrop refract

Quite the Quince!

There are a few ornamental Quince hedges (Chaenomeles) in the garden.  I love the bright colours at the end of winter.  These have started flowering a little too early and so have been hit by the frosts. 

Quince a
Raspberry ripple
quince b
Satin cushion

Let there be light!

Yesterday afternoon was very dull and overcast, so much so, that I needed to turn on a table lamp.  Inspired by the lampshade design I decided to make a rudimentary lightbox by placing sheets of baking paper over the top of the shade and covering this with an old piece of  fish tank glass.  The experiment worked reasonably well apart from the size constraints of the opening of the lampshade!

Plum leaf
Plum leaf
Green leaf
Green leaf
Sage leaf
Sage leaf

Diamonds are forever??

The heavy morning fogs in autumn add a magical beauty to nature.  The water droplets on these spider webs highlight the amazing intricacies and also the skills of their builders.

diamonds and lace
eye level
Eye level
evening dress

Autumn blooms?

This afternoon I found fungi growing in the wood mulch of the garden – yes autumn is here.  Apart from the orange ones which were really bright, the others were so tiny I almost missed them.  Most were the size of a match head.  My knowledge of these types of fungi could probably fit on a match head so if anyone knows what they are I’d be glad to hear!

Toadstool 3's Orange Crowd 1 One a

Living fur and feathers…

Yesterday morning I found these three moths all of slightly different colouring sitting on a heavy stone roller.  The night before it had it rained a lot and the moths were well camouflaged. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to identify them.  I believe they were drying their coats after the rain.  It was very overcast but then the sun came through showing their texture beautifully.

moth front 2
At rest
Fur coat
A fine fur coat
roller 2
Defying gravity
rain drops
Rain drops
Clinging on for the sun
Sunlight and fur
moth 4

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