Raindrop abstract…

Well, harvest is over and I’m nearly back!  I hadn’t realised with the house move and harvest on it’s tail just how exhausted I became.  Anyhow, what I have realised, is that when I don’t get to go out and take images, there is something missing 🙂  So, today is a total abstract, taken this morning in between showers.  The top of a capped fence with rain drops refracting light into a shaded area taken with the macro… 🙂

raindrop refract

12 thoughts on “Raindrop abstract…”

  1. Absolutely, not taking any pictures certainly brings a feeling of something missing, I totally agree! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!!!

    I think this is a great abstract, and I can certainly see it presented upside down too, when it might resemble some kind of weird, stylised landscape. Adrian

  2. This is superb! I like it this way up but would have been tempted to crop the drops of the top for no other reason than they give the game away 🙂 Well observed and beautifully captured!

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