Fractals in a Flower….

I haven’t had any time to go out and about with the camera of late and so another macro – this time of a Protea flower and also my entry for the 25th Monochrome Madness Challenge which is diligently curated by Leanne Cole.  Do check out the post (published Wednesday mornings AEST).  As always I was drawn to the pattern in this beautiful bloom with it’s incredible ‘fluffy’ texture and nature doing what she does best 🙂

Click in for a detailed view.


14 thoughts on “Fractals in a Flower….”

  1. Im late replying.. 🙂
    I loved it when I first saw it and I really love that youve referred to fractals. Awesome!
    Thought this was very design oriented Lisa and enjoyed the (juxtaposition- only word that comes to mind) of the outer petals against the softer inner petals.
    Hope you got my email. Im sure youve had a busy week. 🙂

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