This afternoon I found fungi growing in the wood mulch of the garden – yes autumn is here.  Apart from the orange ones which were really bright, the others were so tiny I almost missed them.  Most were the size of a match head.  My knowledge of these types of fungi could probably fit on a match head so if anyone knows what they are I’d be glad to hear!

Toadstool 3's Orange Crowd 1 One a

2 Replies to “Autumn blooms?”

  1. Lisa, great photos. Could be an idea to put in a coin, or other item, to give an idea of the size of these little treasures. Fillip of the Phlat

  2. Gorgeous….as always!! I love that they are the focus of the image without man made objects as a reference…they could be huge or tiny images…such is the beauty of art…leaves you wondering…

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