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1st Blogiversary!

Whilst I missed the festive postings as was so busy (grapevines don’t know it’s Christmas!), I realised that January 12th would be a year since I first started the blog.  I would like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to the people that follow the blog and to those that have taken the time to write comments and liked posts.  I enjoy the blogging community and love reading others’ posts.  A lot has changed in the past year – one of the biggest was shooting in RAW (I started in film) and look forward to another year of learning!

Here we are psyching up for a week long heat wave while others are freezing – stay safe!

butterfly grass

About 30 minutes after sunrise. The butterfly was warming itself in the early sun



A busy butterfly!

This was taken at the Butterfly House at Melbourne Zoo last month.  What caught my eye was the seemingly prolific number of eggs she was laying (though I’m sure not all were hers)!  Click in for more detail – there are a couple of Mealy Bugs on the plant too.

butterfly eggs

Living fur and feathers…

Yesterday morning I found these three moths all of slightly different colouring sitting on a heavy stone roller.  The night before it had it rained a lot and the moths were well camouflaged. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to identify them.  I believe they were drying their coats after the rain.  It was very overcast but then the sun came through showing their texture beautifully.

moth front 2

At rest

Fur coat

A fine fur coat

roller 2

Defying gravity

rain drops

Rain drops


Clinging on for the sun


Sunlight and fur

moth 4


Butterfly Ball!

Melbourne Zoo has an amazing Butterfly House which was has been through a major restoration project in recent years making it more sustainable. It is heated to 28 degrees C all year round as all the species are native to tropical and subtropical Australia.

Cairns Cruiser

Cairns Cruiser

butterfly 2

butterfly 2

Cairns Birdwing

Cairns Birdwing close up.

Butterfly 1

Fly fishing?

Yesterday was a day of dramatic thunderstorms.  During the afternoon, before the later storms, it became very hot and humid.  The surface of the dam was busy! (Click on the images for the best view).

Wasp on dam

Orange Potter Wasp

Blue Skimmer on Dam

Blue Skimmer

Red Blue Damsel

Common Blue Tail

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