Nature’s tapestry

Another couple of images from the zoo last week. ¬†This time in the Butterfly House. ¬†The texture of their wings reminds me ¬†of tapestry work (for which I would never have the patience)…

Tapestry butterfly front

Sumatran Tigers at Melbourne Zoo.

Last weekend we went to Melbourne Zoo.  As regular readers will know, I visit the zoo as often as possible.  These tigers are creatures I always make sure that I go to see РI think they are beautiful animals.  Sadly, along with many other species, they are critically endangered.  According to the WWF,  it is estimated that there are less than 400 individuals left in the wild due to deforestation and poaching, which is why, in my opinion, organisations such as Zoos Victoria are so important with their captive breeding programmes.  The zoo had four cubs born in February 2010 which can all still be enjoyed there today.  Click on each image for a full view.


tiger 2
Lunch! Taken through very dirty, scratched glass (at child eye level!) under his lookout point.

Eye to eye…..

As a ‘friend’ of Melbourne Zoo I have the luxury of visiting as many times I want in a year. ¬†Yesterday I visited the big cats and primates.

snow leopard
snow leopard
Gorilla 1
Ape 1
What a mane!
Tiger burning bright
Tiger tiger burning bright!

Animal magic!

The last post on Melbourne Zoo for now. ¬†2012 saw the 150th birthday of the zoo, having been founded in 1862 – the first zoo in Australia. ¬†Victoria as a colony had only been in existence from 1851 and in 1862 the Zoological Society was given a 55 acre site in Royal Park. It’s beginnings were based on domestic animals bred for acclimatisation into the new world such as deer, goats and sheep. ¬†In modern times it has prioritised the conservation of many endangered animals such as the Sumatran tiger seen here, amongst the many others. ¬†It is a not for profit organisation. For more info click on this link Melbourne Zoo.

Watching from afar
Sumatran Tiger
Snow Leopard
Let sleeping cats lie…
On watch
Got my eye on you…
Another day at the office

Butterfly Ball!

Melbourne Zoo has an amazing Butterfly House which was has been through a major restoration project in recent years making it more sustainable. It is heated to 28 degrees C all year round as all the species are native to tropical and subtropical Australia.

Cairns Cruiser
Cairns Cruiser
butterfly 2
butterfly 2
Cairns Birdwing
Cairns Birdwing close up.
Butterfly 1

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