1st Blogiversary!

Whilst I missed the festive postings as was so busy (grapevines don’t know it’s Christmas!), I realised that January 12th would be a year since I first started the blog.  I would like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to the people that follow the blog and to those that have taken the time to write comments and liked posts.  I enjoy the blogging community and love reading others’ posts.  A lot has changed in the past year – one of the biggest was shooting in RAW (I started in film) and look forward to another year of learning!

Here we are psyching up for a week long heat wave while others are freezing – stay safe!

butterfly grass

About 30 minutes after sunrise. The butterfly was warming itself in the early sun



14 Responses to “1st Blogiversary!”

  1. Steve

    “30 minutes after sunrise” most people are wiping the sleep from their eyes…you’re wiping the dust from your lens. Thanks.

  2. Festive Factory

    Congratulations on a wonderful milestone with another beautiful and apt artwork that celebrates the delicacy of nature, of success, and of technique. I’ve loved your first year and look forward to many more. Thank you for this inspiring work that continues to help me focus the word in a new light!

  3. infraredrobert

    Congratulations! I’m heading to my first anniversary as well. I hope your blog journey has been as fun and entertaining as mine has been. Here’s to another year of post!

  4. Noeline Smith

    Congratulations – and all the best for another year 🙂
    Thanks for a lovely summery picture – we’re a bit flooded out round here!

  5. Rach

    Congratulations Lisa on a whole year of outstanding shots that you shared with us all!
    Full of simplicity and/or complexity, you give us beauty from our world in ways we have never seen before. Thank you!

  6. Andrew Friend

    Congratulations on reaching your 1 year milestone, and thank you for sharing your lovely photos on the blog. This photo of the butterfly is gorgeous!!


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