The day before yesterday saw a really heavy fog at sunrise (we didn’t actually see a sunrise!).  I knew that the spider webs would be beautiful and wasn’t disappointed, but from a photography point of view (excuse the pun), as the light slowly got better so the wind picked up.  This shot isn’t as sharp as I would like (also on an old DSLR)  but still an interesting web full of beads of moisture.  The reflections are dormant vines and the trellis system.

spider web drops
Handheld with Nikkor Mircro 105 mm, processed in SEP2 with cyanotype toner

10 Replies to “Web design!!”

  1. Lovely delicate shot … and it’s a shame the wind always gets up at the wrong time! A weather person could tell us but I recall it’s something to do with the changing temperature as the sun rises – and viva versa as it sets …… ?

  2. sweaty little spiders have been dancing on a web…………………you caught that picture

    so very cool Lisa

  3. I’ve tried photographing spider-webs with drops too, it’s not very easy to compose this well…. – but I’ll take my hat off for yours here!

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