Last Tuesday was a glorious morning, the temperature about -4 C and a heavy frost.  It was slightly strange as it had warmed enough to start thawing and then as usual at first light, the temperature dropped, but this time dramatically and refroze everything.  This was taken just after sunrise with the first low rays of light.  I took a heap of images and have only just started sorting so there will be more to come 🙂

broken web1
Handheld and so high ISO


21 Replies to “Web and wires…”

      1. NZ is much colder but we have snow fields here eg the Alpine regions. We had snow (none really settled) a week ago with big flakes. Not cold but gets pretty chilly 🙂

  1. Beautiful shot, Lisa! Don’t worry about the high ISO, just go for it and give it however much it needs, however high you need to go. And what a mono version with some restored colour in SEP2? We’re still “sweltering” here, temperatures in the 80s, but hopefully a little cooler by Sunday. Adrian

  2. There is a perfect little glow around everything here. I think it pays to get up and at it early in the morning because you do get some great shots. Also a good illustration of why the “rule” of thirds doesn’t always have to be followed. Nice shot Lisa.

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