Zebra detail

I don’t normally post this often but there seems to be a problem between WordPress and Facebook so apologies to those that have seen this pic on my Facebook page….Anyway, a detail of a Zebra at Melbourne Zoo – these are actually a very dark brown and cream in colour…

zebra a

Sumatran Tigers at Melbourne Zoo.

Last weekend we went to Melbourne Zoo.  As regular readers will know, I visit the zoo as often as possible.  These tigers are creatures I always make sure that I go to see – I think they are beautiful animals.  Sadly, along with many other species, they are critically endangered.  According to the WWF it is estimated that there are less than 400 individuals left in the wild due to deforestation and poaching, which is why, in my opinion, organisations such as Zoos Victoria are so important with their captive breeding programmes.  The zoo had four cubs born in February 2010 which can all still be enjoyed there today.  Click on each image for a full view.


tiger 2
Lunch! Taken through very dirty, scratched glass (at child eye level!) under his lookout point.

Werribee Open Plains – Part 1

A very hot day and a trip to a different zoo (yes, there does seem to be a bit of a theme here!!). One of the three that make up Zoos Victoria (the others being Melbourne and Healesville Sanctuary), this one has a predominantly African theme.  Again, as with all of these zoos, emphasis is placed on raising awareness and fighting extinction.

Hot day..
BIG paw!
Snack on the go

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