Autumn has arrived!

I welcome the coming of autumn – often cool nights and beautiful warm sunny days.  The coming of autumn also heralds one of my most busy time at work, there is a harvest to bring in (I’m a Vineyard Manager)! My postings will probably become a little sporadic over the coming weeks.  This shot was taken a couple of days ago with an autumnal mist and spectacular sunrise….

fog sunrise
As always, click for a larger view.

9 thoughts on “Autumn has arrived!”

  1. Oh I like this, Lisa, I like it very much – truly beautiful – and very well composed, with those tall, thin plants in the foreground just about meeting each end of the misty woodland further in; and the dark bushes on either side of the foreground making a frame; and lastly that long, sunlit cloud angling in from upper left – great stuff! A

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