Reflections on a sunrise…

I seem to be doing a lot of sunrises, apologies….so here is another one!!  I hadn’t anticipated the temperature to fall as low last night (-2 C), so had a shock when everything was frozen this morning and with no wind.   The dam at work is rarely this still.  Handheld 😦

dam 1

4 Responses to “Reflections on a sunrise…”

  1. Steve

    That’s a graceful photo…and you were shooting from the hip too (handheld).

  2. Festive Factory

    Never apologise for lots of sunrises, fortunately there is one every day and capturing the interesting ones is a gift of your ability sharing with us. This photo is so beautiful, and complex and peaceful and for me, more emerges the longer I spend with it. I agree with Steve….there is a lovely grace here. In my mind a bit stunning to think that it is hand held…now steady on…… 🙂


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