I appreciate this image won’t be everyone’s cup of tea!  This is a complex reflection of a cliff face with gums trees growing on it, taken a few weeks ago at Turpins Falls.  (The website image looks like it was taken at about the same time of day)  The reflection is on a very large pool which in turn is being distorted by ripples from the distant waterfall.  I found  the patterns literally mesmerising as the late afternoon sun sank lower and the reflections became more vivid 🙂

water abstract3
As always click for more detail – a busy image!

25 thoughts on “Watercolour…”

  1. I like it too – a wonderful, complex abstract with a beautiful range of colours – almost like a very complex marble floor >>> and I can see a face, two large eyes, and dark nose and mouth immediately left of centre – and a smaller face, wide-eyed and open mouthed, in profile, just to the right; and sleeping faces below your smiley. A

  2. I’m sure this arial shot of the west coast copper mines looks a bit like the water pool you referred to but you could mistake it for many things. It’s a very engaging image. I’d love to see it printed on silk.

  3. Nice shot Lisa.
    I love the swirling patterns made in the water like this and often photograph them myself. I don’t think I have an image showing so many colours as yours though.

  4. I do like this one – not every image needs to be a literal representation of a familiar scene – it is the abstract and thoughtful view of the ordinary that draws my eye in for a closer, lingering look. Very nice Lisa!

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