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Here hare here….

Apologies, I couldn’t resist the title which is a line from one of my favourite films Withnail and I! Hares, in my experience, are difficult creatures to capture in an image – so fast that I generally see their tails flash before me, and then gone.  These were a pair that I captured moving on my belly to get a little closer after work last week.  One day… 🙂

running hare

Click for more detail..

DSC_0280 crop2 dripper wires

Sumatran Tigers at Melbourne Zoo.

Last weekend we went to Melbourne Zoo.  As regular readers will know, I visit the zoo as often as possible.  These tigers are creatures I always make sure that I go to see – I think they are beautiful animals.  Sadly, along with many other species, they are critically endangered.  According to the WWF it is estimated that there are less than 400 individuals left in the wild due to deforestation and poaching, which is why, in my opinion, organisations such as Zoos Victoria are so important with their captive breeding programmes.  The zoo had four cubs born in February 2010 which can all still be enjoyed there today.  Click on each image for a full view.


tiger 2



Lunch! Taken through very dirty, scratched glass (at child eye level!) under his lookout point.



Unearthed (literally!)…

I have a new theme for the blog which I think will be better suited.  Apologies in advance for any odd or blank email notifications – I want to create some different pages with galleries, etc and is work in progress.  Please let me know if there are problems viewing it and feedback, as always, is welcome on the new look…..and so to the image today.  Not the best technically but this little frog literally missed death by spade by millimetres during some clearing work.   I believe it is called a Victorian Frog (Litoria paraewingi) and was about 3 cm long – safely relocated 🙂


Bad hair day?

I’ve been watching these Highland Cattle for ages, they get moved from paddock to paddock and are always just out of range.  This was a snatched opportunity when they finally came near enough.  I love the texture of their fur and the huge horns.

blade of grass horn fur

Magic moment..

Yesterday there was an amazing sunrise again, but this time there was a bonus!  As I watched the light change before the sun came up, a huge flock of Ibis appeared to my left and I realised they would pass right across my field of view.  The flocks are beautifully graceful at any given time, but in front of this sunrise – a magic moment!


Hay ewe!

The other afternoon these ewes with lambs caught my attention.  It was actually the second image that I first saw – neatly arranged brown and white bottoms round the hay bale, but as I watched, I saw there was a quite a bit of pushing and shoving between the brown and white ewe.  I couldn’t resist the last image with the little lamb!

leap1 hustle 3stooges

Emu and the hill…

Yesterday we went looking for a waterfall I’d read about at Sailors Falls near Daylesford.  When we arrived there was no water, doh!!  We decided to keep going and spotted this hill at Newlyn in the Shire of Hepburn. The landscape is reasonably flat with these occasional beautiful curves.  Another day of dramatic clouds and contrasts with a few surprises including a very curious (and tall) Emu!

Hill 1

Sheep and vehicle trails crossing

sheeep & crows

The crows were disturbed by the farmer turning up to feed the sheep.


In a paddock with three others. This one was very curious!


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