Sumatran Tigers at Melbourne Zoo.

Last weekend we went to Melbourne Zoo.  As regular readers will know, I visit the zoo as often as possible.  These tigers are creatures I always make sure that I go to see – I think they are beautiful animals.  Sadly, along with many other species, they are critically endangered.  According to the WWF it is estimated that there are less than 400 individuals left in the wild due to deforestation and poaching, which is why, in my opinion, organisations such as Zoos Victoria are so important with their captive breeding programmes.  The zoo had four cubs born in February 2010 which can all still be enjoyed there today.  Click on each image for a full view.


tiger 2
Lunch! Taken through very dirty, scratched glass (at child eye level!) under his lookout point.

Dingo Duo…

Last weekend we went to Healesville Sanctuary which is part of Zoos Victoria.  They are home to Australian natives and also care for more than 2000 sick, injured or orphaned natives every year through their Australian Wildlife Health Centre.  The Dingo exhibit is my favourite and we had the chance to watch these two siblings at play.

Dingoes 1 Dingoes 2 Dingo Sniff Dingo 2

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