Welcoming the morning sun…

I think I have gone a bit ‘macrotastic’ lately!  These are some Osteospermum, again a member of the daisy/sunflower family.  I’ve included the black and white image as thought it best showed the fractal pattern of this seemingly simple flower 🙂

1 b&w 3

Gone to seed….

Most people who know me will know that harvest, and therefore fruit and seeds, are uppermost in my mind at the moment.  Inspired by the colours of the Banksia I’ve experimented with shots of Milk Thistle, Dandelions, etc in monochrome with red and orange filters. Best view is to click on the photo.

classic clock
Classic clock
setting seed
blown away
Blown away!
looking glass
Through the looking glass…
Pin cushion
Pin cushion
Seeing stars?
seed 1

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