Rainbow stripes.

This was taken last month, late,  on a very dull overcast afternoon at the  Lauriston Reservoir in Kyneton. This is the wall of the spillway, at the top there are sluice gates that open and so that in the residual run off, several different types of algae (or maybe a different age?) have grown producing these rainbow stripes.


19 thoughts on “Rainbow stripes.”

  1. amazingly captured, not only for the colours but the time to find such a treasure

    now presented for all to get visually lost in and enjoy time being capture in a shot

    thank you

  2. A truly beautiful abstract, Lisa, certainly lifted by the way in which you’ve made the converging stripes exit bottom right from the frame. And I love the colours themselves, too. The two, more or less white stripes, towards the right of the frame, are also important here. Wonderful image! Adrian

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