Emu Flat School…

I found this old building on my way back from Nulla Vale on Sunday.  After a bit of Google search, I discovered that it was a school originally built in 1875 by George Wines on 5 acres. It was moved to this location by a team of 22 horses in 1902, becoming full time in 1911 until it closed in 1943.  It is sad, but this is a heritage listed building that I somehow don’t think will survive much longer.


Photo copied from mitchellshire.vic.gov.au

house ruin 2

The rear of the school


10 Responses to “Emu Flat School…”

  1. krikitarts

    Hi Lisa, I was going to ask you if there really is a place called Emu Flat, but I looked it up instead and see that there are two, one in Victoria and one in South Australia. So I looked up Null Vale and see that you’re in Victoria. You’re surely right that what’s left of the old school is just waiting for collapse. Still, a great old building, and I’ll bet the spirits there could tell some stories!

    • lisakimmorley

      I did think about the children that would have been schooled there. I found a newspaper cutting that mentioned a fund raising auction very early on in its life – items ranged from bunches of rhubarb to a sheep!

  2. Steve

    I can hear the kids singing with an out of tune piano…’God save the King’.

  3. willrainey

    Is this Emu Flat in Victoria? If it is, my father went to that school, he was born in 1905. I haven’t been back to the area since the 1950s.

    • lisakimmorley

      Yes, in between Tooborac and Lancefield. I wouldn’t imagine they had a lot of pupils at any given point! It’s a shame it’s been left to rot away.

      • willrainey

        I remember being told that there weren’t many pupils in my father’s day, it looked much the same as the smaller building in the 1950s but in much better condition, a cousin of my father’s – Joyce Don lived in it in the ’50s, my cousin (second cousin) still lives in the nearby farmhouse. My Great Grandfather emigrated from Ireland in the 1890s and built a cottage near the current farmhouse. As I said, I haven’t been back since the ’50s, I should take a sentimental journey. Thank you for posting the image. Regards, Will.

      • lisakimmorley

        And thanks to you for sharing the family history! I go past every now and again – it now has more context 😄

  4. ken Wallwork

    Hi Lisa, After making the model for my railway. Ihave been planning a trip to check the school. Did it today and am happy to report that there are extensive repairs under way. Have collected a number of photos. Let me know if you would like to see some.


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