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Living fur and feathers…

Yesterday morning I found these three moths all of slightly different colouring sitting on a heavy stone roller.  The night before it had it rained a lot and the moths were well camouflaged. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to identify them.  I believe they were drying their coats after the rain.  It was very overcast but then the sun came through showing their texture beautifully.

moth front 2

At rest

Fur coat

A fine fur coat

roller 2

Defying gravity

rain drops

Rain drops


Clinging on for the sun


Sunlight and fur

moth 4


Gone to seed….

Most people who know me will know that harvest, and therefore fruit and seeds, are uppermost in my mind at the moment.  Inspired by the colours of the Banksia I’ve experimented with shots of Milk Thistle, Dandelions, etc in monochrome with red and orange filters. Best view is to click on the photo.

classic clock

Classic clock

setting seed


blown away

Blown away!

looking glass

Through the looking glass…

Pin cushion

Pin cushion


Seeing stars?

seed 1


Werribee Open Plains – Part 1

A very hot day and a trip to a different zoo (yes, there does seem to be a bit of a theme here!!). One of the three that make up Zoos Victoria (the others being Melbourne and Healesville Sanctuary), this one has a predominantly African theme.  Again, as with all of these zoos, emphasis is placed on raising awareness and fighting extinction.


Hot day..

BIG paw!

Snack on the go



Black & white (chicks that is…)

Whilst technically not great photos I had to post these (no flash & hand held in dark light & not stressing ‘mum’ too much).  Two days ago these two little chicks hatched to our first time ‘mum’.  After one of our two chickens became very clucky for months on end our friend Sean donated  fertislised eggs in a beanie for her to sit on.  Exactly 21 days after, these two little ones emerged.  First time mum is doing a wonderful job with them and is a total joy to watch.

Black & White

Black & White

two chicks

Two chicks

Black chick

Black chick

chick 5

It’s all very tiring!

two chicks and mum

Watch what mum does.

tiny wings

Getting on top of it.

Animal magic!

The last post on Melbourne Zoo for now.  2012 saw the 150th birthday of the zoo, having been founded in 1862 – the first zoo in Australia.  Victoria as a colony had only been in existence from 1851 and in 1862 the Zoological Society was given a 55 acre site in Royal Park. It’s beginnings were based on domestic animals bred for acclimatisation into the new world such as deer, goats and sheep.  In modern times it has prioritised the conservation of many endangered animals such as the Sumatran tiger seen here, amongst the many others.  It is a not for profit organisation. For more info click on this link Melbourne Zoo.

Watching from afar

Sumatran Tiger

Snow Leopard

Let sleeping cats lie…

On watch


Got my eye on you…


Another day at the office

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