Black & white (chicks that is…)

Whilst technically not great photos I had to post these (no flash & hand held in dark light & not stressing ‘mum’ too much).  Two days ago these two little chicks hatched to our first time ‘mum’.  After one of our two chickens became very clucky for months on end our friend Sean donated  fertislised eggs in a beanie for her to sit on.  Exactly 21 days after, these two little ones emerged.  First time mum is doing a wonderful job with them and is a total joy to watch.

Black & White

Black & White

two chicks

Two chicks

Black chick

Black chick

chick 5

It’s all very tiring!

two chicks and mum

Watch what mum does.

tiny wings

Getting on top of it.

5 Responses to “Black & white (chicks that is…)”

    • Rach

      Thank goodness she turned out a good mum! I was starting to worry we sold you dud chooks, very sweet little ones.


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