1st Blogiversary!

Whilst I missed the festive postings as was so busy (grapevines don’t know it’s Christmas!), I realised that January 12th would be a year since I first started the blog.  I would like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to the people that follow the blog and to those that have taken the time to write comments and liked posts.  I enjoy the blogging community and love reading others’ posts.  A lot has changed in the past year – one of the biggest was shooting in RAW (I started in film) and look forward to another year of learning!

Here we are psyching up for a week long heat wave while others are freezing – stay safe!

butterfly grass
About 30 minutes after sunrise. The butterfly was warming itself in the early sun



Seeds at sunrise

The last two days have been very hot – yesterday was 38 C and so early morning is a pleasant time when it is still relatively cool.  I took this at sunrise today – the grass seeds lit up by the first rays of the day.

grass seed sunrise
Click for more detail




Final couple of images from the Pyalong area for the time being. These images were taken with the sky a deep cobalt blue and a very unforgiving light….beautiful 🙂

hill & fence a
A hill of long dried grass
burnt trees1
The tops of the trees are actually burnt hence why they are so dark



Storm clouds gathering…

Yesterday was a precursor for the stormy weather that came last night and today.  I watched this sky literally churning before me yesterday late morning – it was very dramatic, if not a little unsettling.  Processed using a red filter and blue toning, once again to bring out the texture of the clouds.

storm clouds

First cut….

I had been watching beautiful clouds all day – the weather forecast was thankfully wrong and instead of the drizzle and cold we actually got a pleasant day.  I took this image on my way home from work this afternoon – first cut of hay for the season. Processed using a red filter to bring out the clouds.

first cut

Misty Mountain…

I took these on my way home from work yesterday afternoon with a long lens (all I had!).  Considering we are about to enter summer, this week has been cold and wet – we are still bringing in wood for the stove.  These are clearing rain clouds on the top of the nearby hills…

Bales & mist1
The hay bales have been there since last summer
rain cloud
I’ve been looking at a lot of autumnal images from the northern hemisphere – these coloured tinges are new spring growth on Eucalyptus trees from the south!

Click on images for a larger view.

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