The Orchid’s Lure…

On Friday, another visit to my favourite florist (Flowers in a Vase) resulted in me coming home with this beautiful orchid bloom (amongst some other specimens!). I believe it is a genus of the Lady Slipper family  (Paphiopedilum).  I found it both beautiful and wondrous – the insect falls down into the ‘lip’ and it’s only means of escape is a single ‘ladder’ of hairs which leads directly to the flower’s reproductive parts – amazing!   I would love to see what this would look like in UV 🙂

orchid b&w2
Taken using natural light. Please click in for a detailed view

12 thoughts on “The Orchid’s Lure…”

  1. Truly beautiful Lisa. A wonderful study of this gorgeous specimen.
    I love your composition.. the light is great.. and yes, isn’t nature amazing?!
    I didn’t know that, but how clever 🙂
    A lovely vision to start my day.

  2. Wow. Again, wow. The extra information just adds to the beauty of this stunning creature. I love that you didn’t hit us with full on colour. This is simple and complicated all at once.
    One of my favourites

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